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Why You Should Replace Ordinary Soap with Naturally Formulated Hand Soap

Why You Should Replace Ordinary Soap with Naturally Formulated Hand Soap

Our skin comes in contact with many pollutants every day. That’s, why it’s extremely important to choose the right hand soap that saves you from health issues. Using an ordinary soap causes your skin to absorb harmful chemicals. It is recommended to go through the list of ingredients present on the backside of the label so you can determine whether you should choose the soap for daily use.

Here is why you should switch to naturally formulated hand soap options:


Ordinary soaps are manufactured from harsh chemicals that damage your skin. Your skin becomes dry and loses its natural moisture and elasticity. On the other hand, naturally formulated soaps do not contain any harmful chemicals and are based on healthy natural ingredients. Moreover, the minimal processing of these ingredients ensures that they retain their natural benefits.

Your skin produces natural oil which keeps it safe from dryness. However, it also contains dead skin cells and increases the growth of bacteria. Naturally formulated soaps efficiently clean it to control the growth of harmful bacteria. They contain glycerin which is a moisturizing agent. Unlike chemical soaps, they also do not affect the natural ability of human body to resist bacteria and diseases.


Chemical soaps contain artificial fragrance that can increase allergies. Different types of chemicals are used in the preparation of these fragrances. These chemicals are harmful to your skin and often cause irritation.

The manufacturing process of naturally formulated soaps involves only essential oils that benefit your skin. Natural smell is far better than fragrance oils. They efficiently keep your hands clean and also contain therapeutic characteristics of natural oils.

Lathering Agents:

A chemical soap produces more lather than a naturally formulated soap. It happens due to the lathering agents that are frequently used in the manufacturing process. Chemicals such as SLS, MEA, DEA, and TEA not only provide cleaning characteristics but also assist in producing a higher amount of lather.

On the other hand, naturally formulated soaps do not depend on chemicals to produce lather. Instead, they make use of the natural characteristics of fatty acids. Sodium salts from fatty acids mix with oil from your skin and surrounding air and result in forming more lather.

Chemical Use:

Natural soap manufacturers avoid the use of chemicals due to their harmful impacts. They process natural ingredients in a way that preserves their natural goodness. They normally use oil, fats, and butter to ensure that your skin gets minerals, vitamins and other natural elements. Instead of using chemicals to prepare a harder, thick and lathering soap, they increase the amount of natural oils to get same characteristics.

The use of naturally formulated soaps has become quite common among households owing to their benefits. Unlike chemical soaps, they are devoid of harmful elements and are prepared only from natural cleaning agents. Orange House is a manufacturer of naturally formulated cleaning products. Their natural soap cleans your skin without damaging it. It contains non-toxic and biodegradable anti-bacterial elements. Place your order today to get free shipping!

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