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From Good

Free from parabens, toxic chemicals, and unnecessary additives. Our products are made by million tons of peels that are wasted after juicing. The orange peels go through cold-process and made into orange oil.

Do Good

Simple, safe and clean for everyone. Our products are dermatologically tested that’s safe for skin and body.

For Good

Committed to a better future for our families and planet. For us, there’s a higher calling to source sustainable ingredients, repurpose waste, design recyclable packaging, and to avoid any toxins or chemical remains in our bodies, and mother earth.

The Science of nature

We learn that the nature cleaning power from earth and generate 100% cold-pressed orange oil for green alternative.

Micelle Orange Oil Technology

Utilizing the unique technology from Orange House to make the orange oil clad by the surfactant, the “Micelle Orange Oil”can go deep into the fiber to wash out stains, crush stubborn grease and dirt in your clothes, and leave behind a mild natural citrus smell.

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