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A Healthy Life!

As a Mom, and our founder Dr. Lin she was concerned about the harsh chemicals that were often used in the homes of friends and family. As a PhD horticulturist with over 40 years of experience educating others on the dangers of environmental toxins, it was then she realized there was something she could do about it. Assembling a team of top scientists in Taiwan, she got to work creating a plant-derived formula that would clean naturally, effectively, and (most importantly) safely. The main ingredient? Orange. And more specifically, cold-pressed orange oil.


Inspired by a desire to provide a better life for ourselves and those we love, we promise to evolve, invest in science, and bring you the most naturally strong home cleaning products.


"It's Natural and with plant-based ingredients"

All ingredients are globally sourced from responsible suppliers and we never test on animals. We do not use harmful chemicals, brighteners, phosphates, any fragrances.

Our amazing smell is 100% from the orange oil, never from artificial fragrance! 


The Most Powerful Natural Cleaning Products!

From Good

Nature & Safe For Skin

That means we start and finish with natural ingredients like 100% cold-pressed orange oil, a strong cleaning agent.

Do Good

Strong Cleaning Performance

We don't need to sacrifice cleaning performance for choosing natural products!

Orange House spent years to develop our exclusive Orange Oil Technology that delivers a powerful cleaning performance by the plant-based, natural ingredients and keeps us safe from harmful chemicals.

For Good


The orange oil comes from the orange peel (rind), and is amazingly powerful. One small sized drop of orange oil is cold pressed from each orange.


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