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our story

Our Founder

As a Mom, Dr. Lin was concerned about the harsh chemicals that were often used in the homes of friends and family. As a PhD horticulturist with over 40 years experience educating others on the dangers of environmental toxins, she realized there was something she could do about it. Assembling a team of top scientists in Taiwan, she got to work creating a plant-derived formula that would clean naturally, effectively, and (most importantly) safely. The main ingredient? Orange. And more specifically, cold-pressed orange oil.

Our Mission

First and foremost, we believe our homes are an extension of ourselves; from countertops to laundry, dishes, and everything in-between. For that reason, everything we touch should be cared for as we would care for our skin or the food we eat. Finally, we also firmly believe the products we use to clean can be both naturally formulated and highly effective. Only through these guiding beliefs can we achieve a true feeling of clean.

Our Promise

Inspired by a desire to provide a better life for ourselves and those we love, we promise to evolve, invest in science, and bring you the most naturally strong home cleaning products.

Our Journey

Our founder set out to bring naturally strong home cleaning products to the homes of friends and family. After over fifteen years of research, development, consumer testing, and refinement, we continue to use our global resources as we launch Orange House around the world.

Our Principles

The principles driving the innovation of our cleaning process and guiding us toward fulfilling our promise are: 

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